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A collection that symbolizes the diaspora of the Palestinian people who’ve been ethnically cleansed since 1948. Palestinians have had to start over and are developing their communities in every country, while raising awareness and solidarity in every corner of the world. As many people say "They tried to erase Palestine and the whole world became Palestinian"

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Love Is Sunnah

Many Muslims around the world consider following Sunnah as an important part of practicing their faith. Sunnah refers to the way Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived his life. Many Muslims look to his example as a guide for how to live their lives in a way that pleases God. Sunnah teachings cover everything from how to pray and behave towards others to how to conduct business and treat family members.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him emphasized kindness, compassion, and love for all. He showed mercy to everyone, respected others' dignity, promoted equality, helped the needy, forgave those who wronged him, and prioritized peace and reconciliation. His gentle demeanor, humility, empathy, and understanding set a profound example for Muslims to follow in their interactions with others.

This collection serves as a reminder that the prophet taught us it is Sunnah to be kind and spread love to our partners, parents, siblings, family, and neighbors.

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Named After The Brand

The PaliZal Collection

A play on words and captivating fusion of Palestinian heritage (Pali) and the resplendent beauty of the Quetzal bird (Zal). This unique clothing collection embodies the spirit of resilience, cultural pride, and the vibrant colors that unite two seemingly disparate worlds.

The collection pays homage to the Quetzal's distinctive red triangle chest, reminiscent of the iconic red triangle of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing unity and determination. It echoes the Quetzal's iridescent plumage, featuring a rich palette of white, green, and black. These colors are not merely aesthetic choices but deliberate nods to the Palestinian flag's symbolic representation of purity, hope, and resilience amidst adversity.

The parallels extend beyond mere aesthetics. Just as the Quetzal would rather starve, or peck themselves to death than be held in captivity, the Palestinian people would rather endure hardship, sacrifice, and possibly die than abandon their homeland. Highlighting the universal yearning for freedom and dignity in the face of oppression.

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The PaliFiye Collection

This collection is a play on words that seamlessly integrates the intricate map of Palestine (Pali), with the iconic keffiyeh pattern (Fiye), creating a powerful and symbolic representation of identity, unity, and the enduring spirit of the Palestinian nation.

The keffiyeh, that has adorned the shoulders of generations of Palestinians as a symbol of resistance and cultural pride, represents the enduring connection to the land and the unwavering determination to preserve Palestinian identity in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, the map of Palestine serves as a poignant tribute to the rich cultural tapestry and diverse geography of Palestine as well as the ongoing struggle for justice, sovereignty, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Together, these symbols form the heart and soul of the PaliFiye Collection and honor the struggles and triumphs of the Palestinian people. This collection carries with it the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a people striving for freedom, dignity, and self-determination.

More than just clothing, the PaliFiye Collection is a testament to the resilience and indomitable spirit of the Palestinian people. It invites individuals from all walks of life to stand in solidarity with Palestine, to celebrate its rich heritage, and to amplify the voices of those who continue to strive for dignity, equality, and self-determination. Emboding the timeless beauty, strength, and resilience of Palestine – a legacy that transcends borders and inspires generations to come.

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